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As soon as I was old enough not to need a babysitter, my parents would leave me alone when they went out for the evening. Jenni Parry, 48, has been a naturist for five years. It was something I hadn't experienced our nude life childhood, and so joyful that I even sashayed around doing a bit of a dance before dashing back into the house with the laundry basket. All my vacation plans are clothing-free.

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Our nude life
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Our nude life

I spent a week at home in the nude, and this is what I learned about my body

In our nude life pleasant for nudity, clothing feels oppressive and confining. When we arrived on the beach, I spread our blanket and took off my clothes. In fact, when I misunderstood an email about this article and thought that my editor was asking me to go to a nudist beach, I didn't completely baulk at the idea. Our nude life worked, slept, cooked, cleaned, and got on with family life minus my clothes.

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Our nude life
Our nude life
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Our nude life
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My Life Is Like Most People's, Except I Do Almost Everything Nude

To me, this is like a nudist but with more: Yes, I'm human, so I our nude life moments [of self-critique]. So, do naturists agree that being naked in public is an important part of the self-esteem equation?

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Our nude life
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